Luxury Apartments near me


At Sri Virinchi Nivas Constructions, we take pride in building sustainable living spaces for you and your loved ones. We understand the importance of providing a personalized Workstation or cubicle that will take care of your both personal & professional privacy. We understand the importance of consuming organic and homegrown foods so we ensured organic plantation is available for you.
Undoubtedly when it comes to safety be assured, we provide top-notch safety measures by providing quality CCTV cameras round the clock. More than that we use more than 80% off Eco-friendly materials such as natural stone with no harmful colours.
Furthermore, unlike others, we use only Red Sand Bricks for construction which will help you to stay warm in winters and cool in summer. Our Artistic craftsmanship coupled with our experience and expertise makes Sri Virinchi Nivas constructions totally Unique. Our passion to provide spacious indoors surrounded by aesthetic, clean and green open spaces motivate us to bring out the best in us and provide you with the master class living spaces


Mission: Our primary mission is to create world class, sophisticated buildings that are not only flawless in terms of robustness and architecture, but are also global in their appeal.

Vision: The vision of SVN builders is to create urban landscapes that are not only spectacular to behold, but offer its owners the highest standard of living. To position ourselves as the undisputed champion of building and construction space and ensure customer delight in the global market is one of our visionary objectives